Since 2003, our founder Vivian Díaz has worked in the food transportation industry and she has heard the same question over and over from local food manufactures; How can I send 1 or 2 frozen/refrigerated pallets to U.S?


    For many years, this problem has been on her mind trying to look for a solution, even suggested to previous employers to develop the service, but since there was no actual measurable volume, none of them were interested. In the meantime, local frozen/refrigerated food manufacturers have struggled to begin exporting their products. Vivian decided she was going to be the solution. In August 2017 she founded F.R.E.S.H Export Solutions.

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    Our mission is to facilitate local food manufacturers in exporting their products with dependable and steadfast service. This endeavor is particularly opportune as there is a substantial diaspora of nearly 6 million Puerto Ricans in the United States who yearn for the taste of the food from their roots.

    This presents an incredible opportunity, benefiting both Puerto Rican food manufacturers and US distributors. It allows distributors to purchase in smaller quantities, such as pallets, to explore the market and support local food producers. This opportunity extends beyond well-known products, offering access to unique items that appeal to both the Latino and American markets, all while contributing to the Puerto Rican economy.


    Just two weeks after establishing the company and a mere two months before our first consolidated reefer container was set to ship to the U.S., Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria, the most devastating natural disaster in its history. The island was plunged into chaos with no communication, internet, or electricity for weeks and months. Local manufacturers, who were poised to export, faced crop and facility destruction, leaving us with no business prospects.


    However, in the midst of this crisis, F.R.E.S.H. found a different way to make a significant impact. We partnered with religious and non-profit organizations to facilitate the transportation of relief cargo to Puerto Rico. Over three months, we managed to deliver nearly 40 containers and approximately 1,800,000 pounds of essential supplies, including food and water, to assist the island's residents in their time of need.



    We are back on track with the consolidation of refrigerated products to the US and added additional logistic and transportation services.

    On July 19th, 2018, the first reefer container sailed to Jacksonville. We are immensely proud of what we have become as a company where service and personalized attention to detail is what makes us different.

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