Since 2003, our founder Vivian Díaz has worked in the food transportation industry and she has heard the same question over and over from local food manufactures; How can I send 1 or 2 frozen/refrigerated pallets to U.S?



    For many years, this problem has been on her mind trying to look for a solution, even suggested to previous employers to develop the service, but since there was no actual measurable volume, none of them were interested. In the meantime, local frozen/refrigerated food manufacturers have struggled to begin exporting their products. Vivian decided she was going to be the solution. In August 2017 she founded F.R.E.S.H Export Solutions.

    The idea is to help local food manufacturers export their products through reliable and consistent service. We believe this is the perfect timing for Puerto Rican food manufacturers to export their products because there are close to 6 million Puerto Ricans (diaspora) in the United States longing to eat the food that they grew up with.

    This is an amazing opportunity, not only for them but also for US distributors who now can buy in small quantities (pallet size) to test the market and help our local food manufacturers. Not only for the well-known typical products, but also to buy new and different products that are appealing to the Latino market and the American Market, and at the same time help the Puerto Rican economy.


    Two weeks after incorporating the Company and two months before scheduling the first consolidated reefer container to be shipped to the U.S., Puerto Rico suffered the worst natural disaster in their history: hurricane Maria. Suddenly, the island found itself in a situation where it had no idea what to expect or what to do next, and so do F.R.E.S.H, all our plans, goal and ideas were destroyed in one single day. There was no cellular phone communication, no internet, no electricity for weeks and months. The local manufacture’s crops and facilities were destroyed, these were the one that wanted to export and now they have no raw material, and we had no business.


    Fortunately for us, we found a way to help Puerto Rico in a different way: We were contacted by different religious and non-profit organizations that wanted to bring relief cargo to the Island and for 3 months that’s what we did. We brought close to 40 containers and close to 1,800,000 pounds of food, water, and supplies to help the people on the Island.



    We are back on track with the consolidation of refrigerated products to the US and added additional logistic and transportation services.

    On July 19th, 2018, the first reefer container sailed to Jacksonville.

    We are immensely proud of what we have become as a company where service and personalized attention to detail is what makes us different.

  • Meet the Team!

    The most important asset we have in a company is its people.

    Vivian Díaz Ramos


    Vivian graduated from the University of PR BBA-Major in Marketing and has a MBA in Marketing from University of Phoenix. Started in the transportation Industry while she was finishing her bachelor degree in 1991. She started at local pick up and delivery company and during her career had the experience of working as a Sales Representative with nationals and multinational logistic companies. For 7 years, Vivian also had the opportunity to represent a New York transportation consulting firm in Puerto Rico for the pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing industry. Before founding her company Vivian Diaz has specialized in the food transportation industry and has worked for some of the top food freight forwarder in Puerto Rico. Her sense of urgency towards solving problems makes her a great asset for the company and its customers.

    Gabriela B. Molina Ortiz

    Logistics Coordinator


    Gabriela B. Molina Ortiz, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico- Humacao with a BBA degree in International Business with a minor in Human Resources and a MBA in Global Logistics from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico in progress.

    Ketsy Ollarves Orta


    Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico- Humacao with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and a currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Digital Marketing from Antonio Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain.

    Lauren Bloom Colón

    Logistics Coordinator

    Graduated from UPRH with a bachelor's degree in international business. Acquired her master's degree in Industrial Management at UIPR Metropolitan campus.