Hydra Coco Sport – Case

We believe the perfect sports drink must include all of the benefits you need ” vitamins and electrolytes” without the extra stuff you don’t “synthetic colors, flavors, and added sugars”. Hydra Coco Sport allows nature to do most of the talking by combining pure coconut water naturally loaded with the 5 most important electrolytes the body needs to remain hydrated and boosted with 6 key vitamins known for promoting overall health. Hydra Coco Sport is perfectly balanced sports drink for your active lifestyle, with the mouth-watering sweet taste of the tropics in every sip.

Clean Energy and Recovery Assist
Vitamins C, B12 ,B6 ,B3 ,B1, and B5
5- Essential Electrolytes
No Added Sugar
100% Coconut Water
Not From Concentrate
Gluten, Cholesterol, and Fat-Free
Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly
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