Hydra Coco Sparkling Sport – Case

Our unique approach to a sports drink gives you a chance to enjoy sparkling pure coconut water combined with real fruit. No more dealing with sport and energy drinks loaded with added sugars, artificial colors, and flavors. Complement your active lifestyle with a sports drink that’s loaded with vitamins known to promote overall health and borrows from nature to hydrate replenishing electrolytes the natural way. The result? A mouth-watering, pick me up that’s as hydrating as it is delicious without any of the drawbacks or guilt.

Clean Energy and Recovery Assist
Vitamins C, B12 ,B6 ,B3 ,B1, and B5
5- Essential Electrolytes
No Added Sugar
Pure Coconut Water and Real fruit
Not From Concentrate
Gluten, Cholesterol, and Fat-Free
Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly

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